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woman-cooking-with-stove Gas-stoves-release-cancer-causing-chemicals-into-your-home

Gas and propane stoves pollute our homes with benzene, a carcinogen linked to leukemia. Get gas out of your kitchen. Make the switch to clean, electric cooking appliances.

COOKING WITH GAS" doesn't mean what it used to

Scientists at Stanford University and PSE Healthy Energy measured air quality in homes with gas and propane stoves and found that cooking a simple meal over gas or propane can create concentrations of benzene inside that are similar to secondhand smoke. Researchers found that the pollution permeated the house, spiking levels of benzene even in bedrooms, for hours after cooking had stopped. 

Gas is nasty stuff. In addition to methane, gas contains 21 other toxic health-harming chemicals. Decades of research shows that gas stoves also expose us to nitrogen dioxide and PM2.5, pollutants that lead to asthma and lung problems. For example, gas stoves are responsible for 12.7% of childhood asthma cases.



Stanford University researchers measured how cooking with gas or propane creates hazardous levels and concentrations of benzene in our homes.

The gas we use to cook contains benzene, a cancer-causing chemical. It leaks into our homes when our stoves are off. And turning on the burners to cook creates orders of magnitude more benzene. That's a real health risk.


Scientists measured that turning on one burner for 45 minutes – roughly how long it takes to make a pot of chicken soup – can create concentrations of benzene in your kitchen comparable to second-hand cigarette smoke.


Even after cooking is over, the benzene hangs in the air for hours and drifts through the home. Scientists measured high levels of benzene in bedrooms, far from the kitchen, more than 6 hours after the stove had been turned off.

homes with gas and propane stoves had air quality tests done
minutes is how long it takes 1 burner to create secondhand-smoke level benzene concentrations
5 -70x
is how much benzene concentrations in bedrooms spiked over baseline levels after cooking with gas
hours is how long benzene concentrations stayed high throughout the home


Your Kids Deserve Clean Air

Cooking with gas or propane fills our homes with toxic chemicals. This is especially dangerous for growing lungs which are more sensitive to pollution.

Blue Flame? Think Benzene

Burning gas releases dangerous amounts of benzene into our homes. Clean up your kitchen with a safe induction stove that doesn’t put your family at risk.

Take Baby Steps to Bust Benzene

Reduce your reliance on gas by introducing electric appliances. You'll be surprised how often you can skip the stove. When the stove is your only option, open your windows and turn on the vent hood or fan if you have one.

We’ve Been Gaslit by Gas
You don’t need a gas stove to be a great cook. Try out induction cooking on a low-cost burner and enjoy the benefits like: precise temperature control, even heat, super efficient cooking, easy clean up, and of course, no benzene.

In one-third of the kitchens tested, turning on just one gas or propane burner for 45 minutes led to concentrations of benzene above common exposure guidelines.

Dr. Drew Michanowicz
Senior Scientist, PSE Healthy Energy

Want gas gone?

Ready to get gas out of your kitchen? Reduce your gas use with electric appliances or replace your gas stove with an electric or induction stove. Here’s a guide to help you #MakeTheSwitch to a safe, clean, efficient electric stovetop.